From Kazakhstan To The World

We did not domesticate

Wheat domesticated us.

Why Kazakhstan?


Kazakstan has claimed the honour of being the birthplace of Apples but is now popular for producing some of the finest quality wheat the world has ever seen.

Kazakhstan’s largest crop is wheat, which it exports. It ranks as the sixth-largest wheat producer in the world.

Kazakhstan is one of the world’s major wheat and flour exporters. It is among the 10 largest wheat producers. The main grain crop is milling wheat, which is typically high in quality and protein. There is a growing trend for Kazakhstan to export its grain internationally.

Kazakhstan’s grain and flour exports saw a 4.5% growth in the first four months of the 2020 marketing season

Kazakhstan is the 6th largest exporter of wheat in the world.
It is also one of the largest wheat flour producers in the world.

History of Wheat


Common wheat was first domesticated in Western Asia during the early Holocene, and spread from there to North Africa, Europe and East Asia in the prehistoric period. Wheat first reached North America with Spanish missions in the 16th century.

Worldwide, bread wheat has proved well adapted to modern industrial baking and has displaced many of the other wheat, barley, and rye species that were once commonly used for bread making, particularly in Europe.


Wheat mostly grown on the Northern Regions of Kazakhstan mainly due to the fact that climate conditions tend to be favourable. The Southern region are favourable for the cultivation of cotton, sugar beet, rice, yellow tobacco, orchards and vineyards.


We have dedicated tie-ups with major wheat growing farmers of premium quality of Soft Wheat for making bread.

Wheat in Kazakhstan is harvested only once a year in September – October.


Delivery by train available to many other locations such as Turkey, Uzbekistan and many more.
Usual minimum order 5,000 Metric Tons in bulk.

Wheat quality of Kazakhstan harvest 2017 significantly increased

Kazakhstan grain exports up year on year

Kazakhstan, one of the most important grain producers and exporters in the world

Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine hold key to global wheat markets

Who We Are

KazWheat has dedicated tie-ups with major wheat-growing farmers from Northern Regions of the country, particularly in Akmola and Kostanay. That’s where our premium quality of wheat comes from, especially soft wheat for making bread which is popular around the world.

Dry weather conditions with sufficient temperature indices allows Northern Kazakhstan to grow wheat with high protein content (14%), high gluten content (to 25-28%), sufficient natural weight (to 78.3 kg/hl), and a high falling number.

Vitaliy Z.

Vitaliy has been working in agriculture growing crops, mainly specializing in the cultivation of soft grains since 1992, and is also a major grain exporter to anywhere in the world and always justifies the wishes of his customers.

Product 1 - Premium Quality Milling

Category/Model 3rd (very high)
Gluten: 25% – 28%
Protein: 12.50% – 14%
Falling number: 250-300 sec
Impurity: 2%
Prices: Contact Us
(Numbers based on 2018 harvest).

Product 2 - Class 1 & 2 Hard-grade Wheat

Gluten: 23% – 26%
Protein: 12.50%
Capacity Per Month 30,000 MT – 50,0000 MT
Prices: US$ 228 FOB
(Numbers based on 2018 harvest).

Shipping Terms – FOB: Russia (Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan)
Delivery by train also available to many other locations such as Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and many more.
Minimum Order 30,000 Metric Tons in bulk.

Payment – 100% Letter of Credit.

Lead Time – Usually 2 weeks after initial payment. Contact us for accurate information based on supply and demand.